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September 07, 2009


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Great story but what about UCS????

Steve Kaplan (@ROIdude)

Thanks for pointing that out, I changed the post title to clarify. Please see my other posts on this blog as well as on www.dabcc.com on UCS. More coming soon...


Amazing story, Steve. Thankfully your bloodhound nose and gut instincts saved you from what would have been a nightmare business partnership. The Kap lives to fight another day! ;-)

Steve Kaplan (@ROIdude)

Thanks for the compliment Steve, though I'm afraid my detection was due more to neurosis than nose. I'm just glad I didn't know anyone named Madoff!

Nick Weaver

Wow, I wad behind on my RSS reader and can't believe I missed this post. Facinating. Thanks for the story. Would you say the moral is "always do your homework"?

Steve Kaplan (@ROIdude)

Thanks Nick. I think the moral goes back a bit further than homework. Maybe, "All that glitters is not gold".

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